New Irish Takeaway Website Offers Bites For Bitcoins

(Dublin, Ireland) Controversial crypto-currency Bitcoin can now also be used to purchase food online with brand new Irish takeaway website Soft-launched in Dublin City earlier this week, former MD James Galvin, who runs the brand new online ordering platform believes it will soon be commonplace. “I believe this is just another way we can show innovation when it comes to online food ordering in Ireland” claims Galvin. “Many people have a misconception of Bitcoin as being something sinister, but the reality is that it is one of the fastest growing forms of payment methods in the world today. I fully expect other merchants in Ireland to soon embrace its growing popularity”.

This follows in the wake of the New York Stock Exchange announcing earlier this week they will be offering a new index to track the price of one Bitcoin in U.S. dollars, bringing Bitcoin one step closer to the mainstream.