Takeaway Trends: What Will We Be Ordering in 2016?

The ‘Spice Bag’ took the nation by storm in 2015, but which takeaway dishes will Irish consumers be ordering in the coming year?


Marvin.ie, which has over 600 takeaways signed up nationwide, across Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and more, looks into its crystal ball…


Spice Bag – The Next Generation

“Outside of chips and soft drinks, the biggest selling product on Marvin.ie in 2015 was the ‘Spice Bag’, which appeared in almost 40% of all our Chinese takeaway orders,” comments Marvin.ie managing director James Galvin. “For 2016 I can only see the Spice Bag phenomenon continuing to evolve. I expect to see the addition of wings, rice and even sauces.”


Thai Giving Chinese A Run For Its Money

“The biggest surprise for us in 2015 was the usually strong Chinese Curry being outsold by the Thai Massaman Curry. I think it reflects the market’s habits changing slightly, as consumers are becoming more and more adventurous, but they still love their old favourites too,” Galvin continues.


Some Like It Hot

Marvin.ie works with some of the biggest takeaway food names in the business, including Apache Pizza, Mizzoni’s, Camile Thai Kitchen, Zaytoon and Bombay Pantry. According to Emma Sheehan, director of Bombay Pantry: “ 2015 saw Chicken Tikka Masala once again top the best-selling dishes, followed closely by its hotter relation Butter Masala. I predict that we will see a move towards hotter dishes.”


This is echoed by research carried out by U.S. food research specialist, Technomic, which talks of ‘The Sriracha Effect’: a hot sauce from Thailand that continues to grow in popularity. Chefs are searching for ‘lightning in a bottle’, the next big thing in ethnic flavouring, be it ghost pepper from India, sambal from Southeast Asia or gochujang from Korea.


Reassuringly, however, some things remain the same: “The classic Fresh Cod & Chips was our biggest seller in 2015 and we can’t see that changing,” said Robert Aprile, owner of Libero’s in Blackrock.


Since its launch in June 2015, Marvin.ie has shaken up online food ordering with a revolutionary and rewarding system which offers a better deal for customers and for restaurants. Marvin.ie now offers more diversity in takeaway food than ever before, with over 30 cuisine types available to order. This is expected to continue to grow in the coming year.


Order online at Marvin.ie or via the Marvin.ie iPhone or Android app.

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